Space Shuttle Video Analysis
STS-48 -- What Did Discovery Really Discover?

Space Shuttle Thrusters, Light Flashes, and Ice Particles – Some Insights from an Expert

Things are not always what they appear to be.


STS-114 Video: (PDF File)

Course reversal caused by atmospheric drag?

STS-102 Over Washington State:

Another light flash coinciding with an object changing course. What the mission status display and telemetry reveal about the relationship to Orbiter thruster firings.

Analysis of the light flash in the STS-48 video. (PDF)

How does a 1.2-second thruster firing cause a light flash that lasts for more than 5 seconds?

Flight Paths

Examination of the anomalous trajectories of the STS-48 objects. Objects in the video are shown to follow curved paths inconsistent with "ice particles" but consistent with large, self-propelled vehicles at a great distance from the space shuttle. 

Let's Do the Time Warp Again

Update 10/18/03: The other time warp

Proof that the STS-48 video time tags were added by NASA after the video was taken and are not real telemetry.

Dismantling the "proof" that the objects are shuttle debris

New Frontiers in Science paper presenting evidence that the light flash supposedly caused by a thruster was really lens flare from a source other than the space shuttle. Evidence that the time stamps used to support the rocket-propelled debris theory are wrong.