Strange Images From Above and On the Surface of the Moon

Updated June 30 1996

Revised Jan. 1997

Note to the serious researchers:

I have included the support data for the Clementine orbital and lunar positional information in those pages below that warrant the information. Some do not have support data but it is available on request. For the serious minded, please excuse the rather whimsical labels I have applied to these images. They were more of an aide memoir for myself and not intended to denote actual "things" or events. Anyway, I was having fun. I seriously recommend that if you want to use the Clementine data, a little background study would be in order. Try the Technical page  to get all the various intrument capabilities. And limitations.

For the rest of the curious browsers:

As you go through the following images, if you find the hair on the back of your neck begin to rise, welcome to the wonderful world of anomaly hunting. Of late, we have been calling our selves Special Feature Finders. If we lived on the moon, most of these features could not be seen. They become lost in the landscape. But if we lived on the Moon, I wouldn't have felt compelled to build theses pages, either. In the majority of the cases below no attempt has been made to alter or enhance the image. What you see is what Clem saw. And what Clem saw was sometimes strange. Blurry, but strange.

All of the following pages range from 50 to 250K (or larger) in size. I  have attempted to retain the image size and resolution from the original Clem images to show whatever the subject can show. The original GIFs are available for download fpr each inline image. I have found the best results by downloading the gif and viewing them in a separate gif viewer.

NOTE: While Clem was making these images it was flying backward, from south to north on the daylit side of the moon, so that in some images south is up. In others,  I have flipped the image so that north is up. If not commented on, assume south is at the top of the image.

A NOTE ON SCALE: The images looking at the surface were taken from an altitude of  about 425 KM.  The width of the image is about 29-30 KM with each pixel being 100-200 meters big. Not real swell for anomaly hunting of fine detailed artifacts, but Clem wasn't there for that. Every thing odd that Clem found was an accident. After a while I began to consider Clem accident prone.

A note on the blurry images. If you are used to seeing those very sharp images from the National Geographic and the NASA negatives, prepare to be disappointed. Clementine was in a 400 Km high orbit with the sun almost directly above the area Clem was photographing. This means in the cases where images were being made of equitorial regions, there is very little contrast or they appear washed out. That is the typical appearance of mapping photos. Then just to make sure, they really screwed up the images by compressing them prior to transmittal. The compression technique has been compared to the garbage compactor technique because it is incredibly "Lossy". This means that details are compressed out. It is also a fact that over 80% of the high resolution images were blacked out. The Long Wave Infrared images are so garbaged up with dropped pixels they are unusable. The results were not optimal for us "special feature hunters".

All of the following images are downloadable in gif format. For comments or questions you may contact me at:


Unusual FEATURES Found by Clem

  1. A Super Highway in Sinus Medii (150K page)
  2. Indications of a War in Crisium NEW Interim Report
  3. A Known Scientific Puzzle without an answer - The Corona  (100K page) NEW Interim Report
  4. Shapes like a City on the Farside. NEW Interim Report
  5. The Almost Explicable Image (large very striking image)
  6. The Worm Oroboros NEW Interim Report
  7. The Gassendi View- The Mining Camp NEW Interim Report
  8. The Ghostly Rings
  9. Talk about weird -The Messier Pair
  10. Hollow Checkmarks
  11. Domeville and why some domes are not volcanic NEW Interim Report
  12. Clems Unidentified Moving Object. (100K page) NEW Interim Report
  13. Dome in a crater by the Straight Wall.
  14. Clems Lunar Transient Phenomenon (LTP).(200K page) (04-06-96) NEW Interim Report
  15. Something Clem didn't See. The Cloud in Crisium. (250K page) (06-30 96) NEW Interim Report
  16. A collection of Strange Craters The angular collection.

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