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A word of caution on vieweing images: The images that have been indicated to be "MacIntosh Enhancements" can be viewed on any PC or workstation, but due to variability in how images are rendered from one machine to another, they will not necessarily look the same. Images enhanced for best results on a Mac tend to be too dark on a PC, and WAY too dark on a Unix SparcStation using the XV freeware viewer program. I have found that merely increasing the gamma value for the image to about 1.4 will make the LO4-83M image clearer. The unenchanced images are provided for those who may want to do their own enhancements on their own machines. If you don't have fancy software, try turning up the brigness and fiddling with the contrast a bit on your monitor.

Moesting A - The Valley of the "Shard"

Images from the valley Rima Flammarion about 5 miles west of the crater Moesting A.

LO3-84M: The "Shard" and "Cube" - The strange objects discovered by Richard Hoagland. Photographic defects or ...?

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LO4-108H3: Domes and anomalous shadow near apparent position of the Shard.

 Image Description  GIF (149K MacIntosh Enhancements)  Unenhanced JPEG (83K)

AS16-1411:  Dome #1 in LO4-108H3 (above) as viewed from Apollo 16 (first JPEG re-aspected for orthogonal view).

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Plains NE of Lalande Crater

Forty miles to the west of Moesting A, rows of angular ridges cross a lava-flooded plain.
Two "bridges" span a deep fault running from the rim of the crater Lalande towards the northeast.

AS16-0849: Apollo 16 view at a low sun-angle (1 degree).

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AS16-1412: Apollo 16 view at a higher sun-angle (13 degrees).

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